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✅ YODO NACIENTE (Nascent...

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Get it in Packs! ✅ 3 PACK YODO NACIENTE (Nascent Iodine) 99.97$ x 1 Iodine is an essential mineral for life, essential means that our body can not create it by itself, which is obtained through the food we consume. The foods richest in iodine are the seaweeds found on the shores of seas and oceans. Information on the loss of population does...


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Leer más Get it in Packs! ✅ 3 PACK VEGAN MCT OIL 99.97$ x 1 Directions: Take 1 or 2 tablespoons one or more times daily, with or without food. It should be started with 1/2 teaspoon of MCT oil per shot. Generally the digestive system adapts to the digestion of the MCT oil in a few days and little by little the dose can be increased until...

✅ VITAVERDE  ESPRESSO 10.6... product-img
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Dr. Cocó March, N.M.D specialist in natural health and nutrition has created Vita Protein Energia for men, women and children who want to obtain health and well-being. Each spoonful has been activated with our exclusive Pre-Digest Blend so you can enjoy better digestion without the discomfort of flatulence and inflammation of the abdomen.