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Have you wondered why bone fractures have become more common after a certain age?

Did you know that people with osteoporosis tend to break bones more frequently?

Osteoporosis is a disease classified as delicate since both the quality and density of the bones are reduced, becoming fragile and porous. The bone progressively thins and weakens, giving way to fractures. It can affect all bones, but the most sensitive are those of the spine, hip and wrist, whose chances of breaking are high and dangerous.

This condition is generally treated with drugs, but many patients have found that supplements are also beneficial.

This Kit is not a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. Consult with your health professional.

The OSTEOPOROSIS KIT contains high-quality supplements that can help you minimize these symptoms. Read the descriptions of each of the formulas before purchasing it.

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MOLECULAR PROGESTERONE - Hormonal imbalance can be very frustrating to deal with and often triggers emotional and physical pain especially in women. My Molecular Progesterone is a topical supplement that you can use to raise your progesterone levels naturally without the use of medication. May help improve mood and sleep.

ELIXIR VITA MINERALS - The best multi-vitamin with minerals there is. 24 vitamins and minerals in optimal quantities, active and ready for absorption.

If we do not supplement today, it is almost impossible not to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. The land is exhausted and food does not provide what it should provide.

Don't let your health be left behind, you deserve to have the energy and vitality you had before and with Elixir Vita Minerales you will achieve much more.

HYALURONIC ACID - My hyaluronic acid supplement is a different type of highly bioactive hyaluronic acid that can be easily absorbed by your tissues. It can help relieve joint pain. This substance retains moisture and keeps joints and skin and complexion tissues lubricated.

MOLECULAR MULTI-COLLAGEN™ - The use of my Molecular Collagen supplements goes beyond skin care. The peptides in my Molecular Collagen have additional benefits for your health. Molecular collagen molecules are smaller than other collagens. It can reduce painful symptoms in the joints and knuckles, among others.

HAPPY TUMMY™ - My Happy Tummy™ lays the foundation for gut health. Contains extremely concentrated blends of earth-derived ingredients known as humic acids. Those humic acids create a powerful fulvate. Not only does it aid cell-to-cell communication, but it transports vital nutrients and minerals. It contributes to the repair of the intestinal wall by providing the necessary raw materials for cellular communication that support the recreation of the stomach mucosa and intestinal epithelium. It can help improve your mood and mental clarity.

NASCENT IODINE - My Nascent Iodine formula is a dietary supplement based on magnetized iodine in liquid solution. Unlike other iodines, my magnetized formula is created for human consumption and is therefore labeled as a dietary supplement.

It can help eliminate toxins such as Bromide and Lead. It can boost the immune system by stimulating antioxidants and facilitating the neutralization of free radicals.

MAGNESIUM CITRATE - My formula is backed by extensive research for its ability to penetrate cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing you to obtain optimal benefit resulting from a balanced supply of this crucial mineral. It can support the creation of new proteins from amino acids. Keeping your magnesium at sufficient levels is crucial. This nutrient plays an extremely important role in your body.

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Directions: Use to naturally sweeten your favorite beverages and foods. Sweeten to taste using 5 to 8 drops. Shake well before using.

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How to Apply?

Spray liberally on exposed skin (face & body) 15 minutes before sun exposure. Apply again as needed.


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