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Do you spend your nights tossing and turning without falling asleep?

Is maintaining a deep sleep impossible for you?

Did you conclude that you suffer from insomnia?

Getting enough sleep and at the right times is just as important as eating well and staying hydrated. Sleep is very necessary for the performance of brain functions. Among them, the communication between brain cells and the realization of cognitive processes stands out.

Insomnia is a disorder or difficulty in being able to sleep at night. There are many reasons why you stay awake, be it the pace of life, family or work concerns, stress, eating habits, among others. Rest and adequate sleep are essential for the body, as well as contributing to having energy and dynamism the next day.

My SLEEPING BOMB KIT is created for those who really suffer from insomnia and have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. It may help you develop healthy sleeping habits and restful sleep.

SLEEPING BOMB KIT consists of…

L-TRYPTOPHAN - The amino acid Tryptophan is essential for the production of serotonin and melatonin, which help support a positive mood, healthy sleep patterns, and proper immune system function.

MELATONIN - It's no wonder melatonin is often called the sleep hormone. Produced by a pea-sized gland in the middle of your brain called the pineal gland. Its main responsibility is to regulate your body's circadian rhythm, your body's sleep-wake cycle, to regulate your natural sleep pattern.

MAGNESIUM CITRATE - My formula is backed by extensive research for its ability to cross cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing you to get optimal benefit resulting from a balanced supply of this crucial mineral. It can support the creation of new proteins from amino acids. Keeping your magnesium at sufficient levels is crucial. This nutrient plays an extremely important role in your body.

Before bedtime

Magnesium Citrate – Take 4 capsules

L-Tryptophan – Take 4 capsules

Melatonin – Take 1-6 lozenges. Each person is different.

Sleeping Bomb Kit | Cocó March Reviews

Based on 24 reviews.
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