All content related to the Ambassador Program is protected by copyright under the laws of the United States.

All material shared is exclusive to those who purchased subscriptions and may not be copied, any unauthorized use of such information or materials violates copyright, trademark, privacy/publicity and other laws and regulations.

If you violate this agreement, you will forfeit the program  benefits without refund.

You must comply with the Requirements / Rules of the Ambassador Program:

  • You must be a resident of the US or Puerto Rico to be an Ambassador.

  • You must comply with the instructions established in the documentation and manuals included in the program.

  • You need a reliable computer and good internet connection to process orders.

  • Only 1 subscription is allowed per user, per person. Subscription payment is not transferable to another account or email.

  • Each quarter you must sell $1,000.00 USD as a minimum quota to remain in the program.

  • The registration fee is $350.00 USD per year. Once the subscription period expires, the system will automatically renew it.

  • Once you have paid for the program subscription, you do not qualify for cancellation and or refund.

  • If you choose to waive the benefits of the program (Cancellation), you will be removed as an Ambassador and will receive commission payment for applicable sales within the enrollment period.

The products sent in the “Welcome Kit” are a gift when registering in the program and are not eligible for returns. The products sent are random.

*Certain restrictions apply. More details will be provided by separate email once subscribed.