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Who has not experienced constipation at some point in their life?

It may be more common than we think, however, it is not normal to live with this situation every day.

How often do you go to the bathroom? Once or twice a day? If the answer is that you go less than this amount, then you could be in the situation that your body is not eliminating normally.

Disruption of the digestive process can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life. Some people may need extra support to get through this uncomfortable situation.

I have created the CONSTIPATION KIT with formulas that can give you that extra help to eliminate regularly.

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MAGNESIUM CITRATE - My formula is backed by extensive research for its ability to cross cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing you to get optimal benefit resulting from a balanced supply of this crucial mineral. It can support the creation of new proteins from amino acids. Keeping your magnesium at sufficient levels is crucial. This nutrient plays an extremely important role in your body.

GALL BLADDER – Concentration of the best quality bile salts with enzymes. It can help support the digestion and absorption of fats. Gall Bladder has a crucial function in the digestion and absorption of fats.

HAPPY TUMMY™ - My Happy Tummy™ lays the foundation for intestinal health. Contains extremely concentrated blends of earth derived ingredients known as humic acids. Those humic acids create a potent fulvate. Not only does it aid cell-to-cell communication, but it transports vital nutrients and minerals. It contributes to the repair of the intestinal wall by providing the necessary raw materials for cell communication that support the recreation of the stomach mucosa and intestinal epithelium. It can help improve your mood and mental clarity.

Constipation Kit | Cocó March Reviews

Based on 2 reviews.
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How to Apply?

Spray liberally on exposed skin (face & body) 15 minutes before sun exposure. Apply again as needed.


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Direction: Mix one scoop in water and take any time of day, to assist with sleep and relaxation take before bed.


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Directions: Apply a few drops on the palm(s) of your hands and softly massage on face, neck and neckline until absorbed. It can be applied to dry or damp skin. For best results apply SILK FACE SERUM and follow with Elixir DAY or Elixir NIGHT Cream.