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Can you imagine waking up without feeling tired, in pain, or fatigued? You might think it's impossible to feel better because you've suffered from these symptoms for a long time.

Don't give up; it's never too late to achieve optimal well-being, especially when it concerns your most valuable asset—your health.

My WELLNESS KIT includes high-quality supplements designed to relieve these bothersome symptoms that may be restricting your daily activities. Start each day feeling renewed and full of energy.

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MAGNESIUM CITRATE - My formula is backed by extensive research for its ability to penetrate cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing you to obtain optimal benefit resulting from a balanced supply of this crucial mineral. It can support the creation of new proteins from amino acids. Keeping your magnesium at sufficient levels is crucial. This nutrient plays an extremely important role in your body.

MOLECULAR CURCUMIN - Helps improve cell function. May help elevate serum antioxidant activity. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve cell function. Helps minimize oxidative stress.

NASCENT IODINE - My Nascent Iodine formula is a dietary supplement based on magnetized iodine in liquid solution. Unlike other iodine, my magnetized formula is created for human consumption and is therefore labeled as a dietary supplement.

It can help eliminate toxins such as Bromide and Lead. It can boost the immune system by stimulating antioxidants and facilitating the neutralization of free radicals.

MOLECULAR MULTI-COLLAGEN™ - The use of my Molecular Collagen supplements goes beyond skin care. The peptides in my Molecular Collagen have additional health benefits. Molecular collagen molecules are smaller than those of other collagens. It can reduce painful symptoms in joints and knuckles, among others.

VITAMIN D3+K2 - Vitamin D3 plays an essential role. It may support immune, bone, dental, and muscle health. Vitamin K2 is necessary to form a strong bone matrix and is involved in artery health, supporting proper calcium metabolism. Both (Vitamin D3 and K2) work together to improve strong and healthy bones.

MARINE OMEGA 3 - In addition to supporting healthy brain and cardiovascular function, omega-3s also contribute to a healthy response to oxidative stress and healthy immune function.

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Based on 2 reviews.
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Instructions: Mix one scoop in 2oz. of water stir briskly with a fork until it becomes a smooth paste free of lumps, fill the rest of the glass with water, vegetable milk or juice. For extra nutrition, you can add VitaVerde™ to protein shakes made using the VitaProtein™.


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Usage:  Dilute 1 to 3 drops of nascent iodine in water, take in the mornings. Do not exceed 3 drops daily unless recommended by your health care provider. For best results, take 200 mcg of selenium (1 capsule) daily any time you consume iodine.