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La Vitamina D Improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with a lower density of minerals in the bones.

What is Vitamin D for?

1. It is effective in countering viruses
Research has shown that vitamin D is a great support ally for the immune system. Due to its immunological action, it can help prevent the appearance of viral infections, such as influenza, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

Vitamin D improves the immune system's ability to fight infections, allowing it to better cope with them, preventing the clinical picture from worsening.

2. It is useful in the fight against cancer
The results obtained when evaluating the action of vitamin D on different types of cancers are not far behind. Vitamin D has been shown to be a supportive tool in the treatment of breast and prostate cancers.

3. Relieves inflammation
Research published in The Journal of Immunology evaluated the relationship between vitamin D levels and the body's inflammatory response.

The research concluded that individuals with optimal vitamin D levels had a better anti-inflammatory response

4. Helps to relieve chronic pain
During an investigation, patients suffering from fibromyalgia and those suffering from generalized musculoskeletal pain received 50,000 IU a week of oral vitamin D3 for three months.

After 3 months the patients reported an improvement in pain and fatigue especially upon awakening, a reduction in pain in the soft points of typical fibromyalgia and more vitality in general.

I invite you to read this article where you can learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D: https: / /dracocomarch.com/vitamina-d-beneficios/

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