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Melatonin is a natural occurring hormone made by the pineal gland which helps in many of the regulatory processes of the body, including regulation of glandular secretory functions related to the maintenance of normal sleep/wake cycles and aspects of immune system function.

It’s no wonder why melatonin is often called the sleep hormone. It is a hormone produced by a pea-sized gland in the middle of your brain called the pineal gland.

Its chief responsibility is regulating your body’s circadian rhythm, your body’s sleep-wake cycle, to regulate your natural sleep pattern. This affects your entire body. 

Sleeping, staying asleep, and feeling well-rested can be adversely affected by a lack of melatonin in your blood. In addition to improving sleep, melatonin also regulates blood pressure, cortisol levels, and the efficiency of the immune system.

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Its inadequacies can affect your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and hormones that make you feel hungry, making it difficult to manage your weight.

Aside from that, some studies have found that it can profoundly affect many health conditions due to its antioxidant properties. 

How important is sleep?

It is extremely important for your health to get a good night's sleep. In fact, it's equally important as eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising. There are many negative health effects associated with lack of sleep, including an increased risk of heart disease, depression, weight gain, inflammation, and sickness. For these reasons, most experts recommend getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night.

Lack of sleep can even be hazardous to your health and the health of others, so ensuring that you prioritize and protect your sleep is crucial.

When we are tired, it is much harder for us to focus on tasks, react quickly, and respond to stimuli. The effects of severe sleep deprivation are similar to those of excessive alcohol consumption.

A striking statistic is that 1 in 25 drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Falling asleep while driving was most common among drivers who slept less than six hours. One study suggests that your risk of a car accident increases significantly with each hour of lost sleep.

Additionally, since lack of sleep can seriously affect your ability to make critical decisions, it increases the risk of workplace injuries and mistakes. In reality, then, everyone's safety depends on getting proper sleep.

What can affect how much melatonin you produce and release each night? Researchers believe that older adults are more likely to experience occasional sleep disruptions due to reduced melatonin levels.

Children usually have much higher levels of melatonin than adults. As you grow older, your levels tend to decrease. It is not just older individuals who produce less melatonin but also pre- and post-menopausal women.

Now is the time to prioritize sleep in the same way you prioritize diet and exercise.

How does Melatonin work?

Melatonin signals to your body that it's time for sleep by acting on the MT1 and MT2 receptors in your brain. Therefore, it communicates the length of the night and the timing to your body.

Numerous studies have shown melatonin to:

Make you feel sleepy

Assist you in falling asleep faster

Sleep for longer periods of time

Improve your sleep quality

Boost your morning alertness

Minimize daytime fatigue

Ways sleep can affect your body:

1. Supports heart health

The quality and duration of your sleep may increase your risk of developing heart disease.

Moreover, short sleep seems to increase the risk of high blood pressure, especially in people with obstructive sleep apnea, or stop-start breathing while sleeping.

According to one study, people who sleep less than 5 hours per night have a 61% higher risk of developing high blood pressure than those who sleep 7 hours. 

2. Influences emotions and relationships

Sleep deprivation may reduce your social abilities and ability to process emotions. When you are sleep-deprived, it is difficult to control your emotions and maintain healthy interactions with other people.

Our emotional outbursts and our behavior in front of others can be challenging to manage when we're tired. We may also be less able to appreciate humor and show empathy when we are fatigued.

In addition, people who are chronically sleep-deprived are more likely to withdraw from social gatherings and feel lonely.

Socializing and improving your relationships may start with getting enough sleep.

3. Inflammation is linked to poor sleeping patterns

There is a big link between sleep disturbances and inflammation. In fact, Inflammation in the body can be exacerbated by poor sleep. The effects of this can increase your risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer's.

The regulation of our central nervous system depends on sleep. Particularly, it's involved in the sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal system, which are known as stress response systems.

When you lose sleep or have disturbed sleep, inflammation signaling pathways are activated and inflammation markers are elevated.

4. Weight Control

Several studies have linked sleeping fewer than 7 hours per night to weight gain and a higher body mass index (BMI).

Interestingly, a 2020 analysis found an increased risk of obesity of 41% among adults sleeping less than 7 hours per night. Numerous factors, including hormones and motivation, influence sleep's impact on weight gain.

5. A lack of sleep can lead to depression

Poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders are strongly linked to mental health concerns, such as depression.

According to one study that was conducted among over 2600 participants, sleep scores were generally lower among participants with anxiety and depression than among those without.

Similarly, statistics show people with obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia report higher rates of depression than those without.

6. Immune system support

Immune function can be deeply impaired by a lack of sleep. Sleeping at least 7 hours a night can boost your immunity and help you fight viruses such as the common cold. 

It has been suggested that proper sleep may also enhance the effectiveness of vaccines by improving your body's antibody responses.

7. Improves athletic performance

Several studies have shown that sleep enhances athletic performance.

The benefits of adequate sleep include improving fine motor skills, reflexes, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cognitive ability.

Furthermore, lack of sleep increases your risk of injury and lowers your motivation to exercise.

Therefore, if you want to improve your performance, get enough sleep.

8. Enhances focus and productivity

Brain function depends on sleep in many ways.

Sleep deprivation negatively affects cognitive performance, concentration, productivity, and performance 

Specifically, a study on overworked physicians provides an example. Researchers found that doctors with moderate, high, and very high sleep-related impairments were 54%, 96%, and 97% more likely to report serious medical errors.

Lastly, adequate sleep is associated with better problem-solving skills and enhanced memory in both children and adults.

Are you getting good sleep?

Interestingly, you don't even have to experience sleep deprivation night after night to experience the negative effects. Studies have shown that a single night of insufficient sleep reduces our ability to function by more than 30% the following day.

To function at its best, your body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food. Sleep allows your body to heal and restore its chemical balance. New connections are formed in your brain and increased your ability to retain memory as a result.

Your brain and body won't function normally if you don't get enough sleep. As a result, your quality of life can be dramatically reduced.

In 2010, research reviewed by Trusted Source indicated that a lack of sleep increases the risk of early death.

Signs that you may not be getting enough restful sleep:

Changes in mood, such as feelings of stress or irritation

Waking up feeling unrefreshed

Feeling tired and lacking energy during the day

Problems with focus, memory, and thinking

Being more accident prone

Poor decision-making

Unexpected weight gain

During inactivity, you may fall asleep

When you sleep deeply, your brain cells shrink by about 60% so that certain substances can be washed away including toxins, harmful waste proteins, and metabolic wastes.

The benefits of deep sleep also extend to strengthening your immune system. During sleep, your immune system forms memories of previous attacks, allowing it to respond more quickly and effectively in the future.

Sleep plays an important role in gene expression, hormone regulation, brain detoxification, and memory formation, making it a bad idea to skimp on sleep.

Suggested Usage:  Take 1 lozenge prior to bedtime as needed.

Caution:  For adults only. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery following consumption of melatonin. Consult a physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication (especially sedatives, immunosuppressants or anticoagulants), or have a medical condition (including diabetes, auto-immune conditions, depressive disorders, cardiovascular conditions, and epilepsy). Keep out of reach of children.

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Rosa J. on  Feb 25, 2023


Sufro de ansiedad, depresión y por las noches se me hace bien difícil dormir. Desde que estoy tomando mi Melatonina todas las noches puedo dormir mis ocho horas y puedo ir a trabajar sin sentirme cansada ni mal.

Wendy H. on  Jan 31, 2023

Sueño profundo

Esta melatonina es genial ayuda mucho a mis hijos mayores a descansar profundamente y inclusò a mi abuela que se le dificultaba y tenia que tomar medicamente recetado pero desde que seguimos a la Doctora Coco nuestro estilo de vida cambio lo recomiendo 100%

Ainhoa A. on  Dec 24, 2022

¡Descanso garantizado!

Me encanta la Melatonina de VitaTienda, la tomo justo antes de acostarme después de tomar también Pink Magnesium, desde la primera noche siento como me ayuda a relajarme y conciliar el sueño con mucha más facilidad. Además un frasquito te dura por varios meses, es muy económica y efectiva.

RUTH D. on  Dec 23, 2022

Muy buen producto

La Melatonina es muy necesaria para que el cuerpo reciba la señal de que es tiempo de dormir, por eso no puede faltar en mi rutina. Esta melatonina de Vita Tienda me gusta porque veo los resultados y es natural, de calidad y tiene un precio accesible.

Mercedes V. on  Oct 29, 2022

Alta Calidad!

Mi cuerpo cambio mucho por la falta de sueño. Empece a subir de peso, mi estado de aniño era cada vez peor, ya no sabia que hacer. Hasta que mi mamá compro la Melatonina de la Dra. Coco, y me ayudo mucho. Ahora tengo un sueño reparador. Cambie mi alimentación, me propuse hacer ejercicio y consumir suplementos de alta calidad. Lo recomiendo muchísimo.

Luz Estela G. on  Oct 15, 2022

Sueño garantizado

Era una persona que casi no dormía, dormía máximo 2 a 3 horas diarias pero desde que comencé a tomar la Melatonina de la Dra. me ayudado muchísimo duermo casi las 8 horas descanso, para mi ha sido un producto que llego a mi vida para mejorar mi calidad, me siento con mas fuerza, atención. Lo recomiendo muchisimo.

Elvia O. on  Sep 21, 2022


Padezco de insomnio y solo con este suplemento me he sentido bien, me relaja y puedo descansar, a mis familiares que tiene esta situación la puedo recomendar porque es efectivo y natural. Muy económico

Karina G. on  Sep 3, 2022


Este producto me ha ayudado a dormir mucho mejor, lo uso por las noches es muy fácil de tomar lo uso junto al magnesio y me funciona muy bien se los recomiendo....

Erick M. on  Aug 17, 2022

Lo recomiendo

Me ayudado mucho este producto por que aveces tengo algunas preocupaciones por las cuales aveces no puedo dormir, cuando vi un vídeo de la doctora hablando de este producto lo compre enseguida y no me arrepiento por que me ha funcionado muy bien

itzel C. on  Jul 12, 2022


Tomar un suplemento de melatonina es como tomar una dosis de puesta de sol, para que el cuerpo sienta que es de noche, no hace dormir, sino que le comunica al cuerpo que es la hora de dormir, decidí confiar en el suplemento de la Dra.Coco March, confiando siempre en la buena calidad y precio, lo más importante para mi es que puedo ajustar la dosis de acuerdo a lo que requiera desde 1 a 6 tabletas.

Noemi M. on  Apr 17, 2022

Muy buen producto!!

Un amigo que tiene igual que yo problemas de insomnio me la recomendó, me gusto porque es fácil de tomar y muy efectiva, he dormido mejor desde que empecé a tomarla junto con el magnesio e incluso me siento de mejor humor al día siguiente.

Yunuen L. on  Mar 18, 2022


La melatonina ayuda a regular las funciones secretoras glandulares relacionas con el mantenimiento de los ciclos normales de sueño. Y junto con magnesio hacen que se pueda conciliar mucho mejor el sueño. Ideal para quienes tienen insomnio.

Fernando Alfredo M. on  Feb 27, 2022


Muy recomendable personalmente había tenido problemas para conciliar el sueño pero desde que empezó a consumir este producto he podido descansar mucho mejor lo cual provoca que pueda estar más activo en más actividades sin sentir el cansancio por no haber podido dormir bien

Nelly G. on  Jan 4, 2022

Inductor de sueño

Compro la Melatonina para mi mamá, quien no consume productos químicos desde hace más de una década y al tratarse de una hormona natural que produce nuestro propio cuerpo, la melatonina de la Doctora Cocó le genera gran confianza (y a mi también) . Ella dice que apenas mastica un par de pastas, solo tiene que esperar un rato y listo, ya está durmiendo plácidamente. Que maravilla estos productos, por eso los recomiendo siempre

Isaac R. on  Nov 4, 2021

Relajante Natural.

Desde que lo compre, ahora puedo dormir tranquilo, relajado y lo más importante al despertar me siento super bien con muchas ganas de realizar mis actividades día a día...Recomendado.

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