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Oregano Oil By Cocó March - Broad Spectrum Health Support, 55% Greek Carvacrol- Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Gmo Free, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly - 90 Capsules

Oregano Oil By Cocó March - Broad Spectrum Health Support, 55% Greek Carvacrol- Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Gmo Free, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly - 90 Capsules

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Grade 5.0
Based on 41 reviews.
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  • Aids Immune Health: Oregano Oil Supplements Are Packed Full Of Vitamins And Minerals That Help Your Immune System Ward Off Dangerous Pathogens
  • Gut Health Support: Oregano Oil Can Improve Digestive Health By Helping To Relieve Gas And Constipation
  • Contains High-Potency Carvacrol: The Key Substance Found In Oregano Oil And A Type Of Antioxidant Called A Phenol That Promotes Cellular Health
  • Packed With Antioxidants: Many Of Oregano Oils Health Benefits Are Thought To Be Attributed To Three Compounds: Phenols, Terpenes, And Terpenoids

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USD $ 25.99
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Oregano is a spicy aromatic herb that has also been well known by traditional herbalist for thousands of years. Recent scientific studies suggest that Oregano Oil may help to maintain a healthy intestinal flora balance.

Oregano is a flowering plant in the mint family. Although it originated in Europe, it's now grown all around the world. Oregano is a common herb used to flavor food and is perhaps most famous for its use in Italian cuisine. Did you know that it can also be concentrated into an essential oil containing antioxidants and powerful substances that offer health benefits?

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations used oregano for medicinal purposes. As a matter of fact, oregano gets its name from the Greek words "oros" and "ganos" meaning "joy" or "delight."

Oregano essential oil is extracted from air-dried leaves and shoots of the plant. Steam distillation is used to extract and concentrate the oil once they've been dried. It is quite interesting to note that Oregano oil contains natural antibiotic characteristics, antifungal agents, and weight loss and cholesterol-lowering properties. Oil of oregano has traditionally been used to treat respiratory problems. In addition, it is becoming a popular alternative remedy for colds and flu.

Oregano oil is regarded as "broad-spectrum" health support. Its active components support your overall health in a variety of different ways. The potential health benefits of Oregano Oil may help to:

  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier.
  • Enhance cellular health.
  • Provide year-round and seasonal immune support.
  • Promote healthy intestinal flora.
  • Maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Provide protection against free radical damage.
  • Improve upper respiratory health.
  • Boost intestinal cleansing.
  • Maintain a healthy microbiome.

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What makes Oregano oil so powerful?

The natural compounds found in oregano plant oil are more potent than those found in oregano plants themselves. Unlike oregano essential oil, which is used predominantly for aromatherapy, this oil is intended to be taken orally. In addition to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, oregano oil may also help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels.

Your most critical requirement when looking for an Oregano Oil Supplement should be the amount of carvacrol in the oil because it is the most valuable component.

Research has shown that oregano oil may reduce inflammation which can be attributed to the high amounts of Carvacrol. The carvacrol in oregano may also help fight bacteria. One animal study found oregano essential oil may be almost as effective as antibiotics against common bacteria, though further research is needed.

Carvacrol alone may offer various potential health benefits including the support of:

  • Healthy gastrointestinal system
  • Metabolic health
  • Healthy cells
  • Healthy immune responses
  • Healthy nerve impulse function

There are three kinds of compounds in oregano: phenols, terpenes, and terpenoids that possess powerful antioxidant properties. Oregano's numerous health benefits are thought to be attributed to these compounds.

• Volatile Oils: The main volatile oils are Carvacrol and Thymol, which protect it against everyday dangers.

• Carvacrol: It is the most abundant phenol in oregano and has been shown to prevent many types of bacteria from growing.

• Thymol: As well as being an antifungal, this natural substance also strengthens the immune system and help shields the body from toxic substances.

• Terpenes: These are hydrocarbons found in many plants and flowers, including pine trees. The name terpene is derived from the word turpentine. These hydrocarbons provide a powerful defense against common threats.

• Rosmarinic Acid: This antioxidant promotes the health of cells, the heart, the brain, and the nervous system, as well as an already normal inflammatory response.

• Naringin: A flavonoid that works as an antioxidant and supports healthy cholesterol levels, as well as increasing bioavailability of nutrients, by inhibiting digestive enzymes.

• Tocopherols: A powerful antioxidant, tocopherols contribute to the health of your eyes, cells, and heart. They facilitate the production of red blood cells as well as the use of vitamin K, which is essential to blood clotting.

Defending the body from free radical damage is a key function of antioxidants. There is evidence that free radical damage contributes to aging and disease development, including heart disease. Metabolic processes naturally produce free radicals. As a result of exposure to environmental factors, such as toxins in the air, cigarette smoke, they can accumulate in the body.

The antioxidant content of oregano is 42 times higher than that of apples and 4 times higher than that of blueberries, gram for gram. Compared to fresh oregano, oregano oil is much more concentrated and therefore requires less oil to reap its antioxidant benefits.

Oregano Oil and Gut Health

Several benefits may be derived from oregano regarding gut health.

For example, gut parasites can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, and bloating. Oregano oil may benefit gut health by killing gut parasites. One study administered oregano oil to those who had gut symptoms as a result of a parasite. The parasite count was reduced in all participants after daily treatment for six weeks, and 77% were cured of their parasites. In addition, participants reported feeling less fatigued and experiencing fewer gut symptoms.

Furthermore, oregano may prevent leaky gut, an issue in which bacteria and toxins pass into the bloodstream via damaged gut walls.

Oregano vs Oregano Oil?

As oregano oil contains a higher concentration of valuable constituents, oregano is not as strong as oregano oil. When taking it orally, you should exercise caution. Because of this, I believe capsules are the most effective way to take oregano oil.

Can Oregano Oil Aid Weight loss?

Oregano oil may be beneficial for weight loss through the action of carvacrol. In one study, mice were fed normal diets, high fat diets, or high fat diets containing carvacrol. In comparison to those eating only a high fat diet, those who were given carvacrol gained significantly less weight and body fat. While more research is needed to prove that oregano oil can aid in weight loss, it may be worth experimenting with as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Can Oregano Oil Help Treat Yeast Infections?

Yeast is a type of fungus that can be harmless, but overgrowth can result in gut problems and infections. In test-tube studies, oregano essential oil was effective against Candida, the common yeast. According to these studies, oregano essential oil shows effectiveness against five different types of Candida, including those that cause mouth and vaginal infections. As a matter of fact, it was more effective than any other essential oil.

The antimicrobial agents found in my Oregano Oil may even help to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms.

Recent worldwide events provide evidence that new viruses are a constant threat to the health and lives of humans. Supplementing with oregano oil to aid in the prevention and treatment of respiratory problems, coughs, sore throats, and nasal congestion could come in extremely handy given the health climate of the world we live in today. 

Among other things, oregano oil has also been used to aid the following conditions:

  • Digestion problems
  • Pain in the muscles and joints
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Athlete’s foot 
  • Toothache
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Headaches

Suggested Usage:  Take 1 softgel 1 to 3 times daily with food.

Caution:  For adults only. DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO OREGANO, FENNEL OR GINGER. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Consult a physician if taking medication or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

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Grade 5.0
Based on 41 reviews.
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