Ayuno Lunar Q&A

Ayuno Lunar is the first eating plan created by a woman for women who want to recover their health and triple their vitality by achieving an optimal and perfect weight for their height, constitution and most importantly to be healthy and live WITHOUT PAIN and WITHOUT INFLAMMATION.

The Ayuno Lunar is not for women who want to starve themselves or wreak unhealthy havoc for the sole purpose of losing weight. The Ayuno Lunar is also not for women who believe that they will never be able to abandon their medications or that pain is an inevitable effect of age and that diseases simply do not go away because we have been told that they ARE CHRONIC.

The difference is very, very big. The Ayuno Lunar diet uses Intermittent Fasting tools tailored for women and our hormonal cycles.

Whether we menstruate or are in the menopausal phase, our hormones should fluctuate to feel good, it's part of being a woman.

Unlike Intermittent Fasting, Ayuno Lunar is specific. My book leaves you with no doubt about what a woman should eat during the feeding window.

It's not just when we eat, but what we eat, how we cook food, what we cook it with, and how often we eat it. You will also learn how to break the fast, what foods you can break it with and how to seal it at the end of each day.

On a typical diet a man can lose up to twice as much weight as a woman because he doesn't have the female hormonal changes. Typical diets do not respect the hormonal changes of women and that is why men can lose weight more quickly.

Whether you menstruate or are already in menopause, women have hormones that fluctuate very differently from men. To reduce inflammation and lose weight we must support the hormonal function.

The Ayuno Lunar breaks all the myths, while reinforcing that We are Women, NOT Mini Men or laboratory mice and that what seems to result in a test done on men does not work for women in the long term.

Unlike the male sex, the female sex has hormonal cycles and daily changes in the fluctuation of estrogens and progesterone that must be respected and supported through diet. The Ayuno Lunar teaches you what to eat to be healthy while achieving your perfect weight.

LDaily fasts of 16:8 or 24 hours are based on the scientific results obtained from tests carried out in men and mice, but NOT in women. These trials did NOT take into account our delicate hormonal system that needs our fasting to have variations during the 4 weeks of the menstrual cycle and therefore, in the long term, Intermittent Fasting can damage our metabolism.

Science has shown us that all diseases have an inflammatory origin. The Ayuno Lunar is anti-inflammatory, I have calculated and studied the recipes in detail so that in a few days you will begin to feel the change.

The Ayuno Lunar Book guides you so that you know what you should eat every day of the month from when you get up until you go to bed. It also details how to go into fasting while respecting your hormonal balance so that you lose weight without pauses, but without damaging your metabolism and without the rebound effect.

The amount of pounds or kilos depends on your discipline in following my recipes and amounts that I indicate to the letter, and on your hormonal state that in some women can take weeks or even months to repair completely.

I have put my 20+ years of research and clinical experience into creating Ayuno Lunar. The recipes are perfect for those who want to get rid of inflammation and maintain their weight or lose weight.

In order not to lose weight, all you have to do is increase the amounts of consumption by 30%. The healthy but higher caloric intake will keep you on your weight while you benefit from my anti-inflammatory recipes and sticking to your fasts.

Women are hormonally impaired by slowing down the metabolism when we perform intermittent fasting exactly like men. In the Ayuno Lunar you learn what to eat during the first phase of the monthly cycle.

From the first day of bleeding to days 12-14 or so of the cycle my recipes support glandular production that supports the hormonal surge necessary for healthy ovulation and its subsequent natural hormonal drop.

During the second phase of the cycle, the luteal phase, usually days 15 and up, my recipes support the production of progesterone, the master hormone and mother of all hormones.

There are different access levels for the Ayuno Lunar.

Basic: Access to my Ayuno Lunar digital book with 90 days of food guidelines and with all the details so you know what to do and how to do it during all hours of the day.

VIP Programs: Access to my Ayuno Lunar digital book. In addition you will receive discounts at VitaTienda and access to pre-recorded group meetings where you can learn about the questions that others ask in that same video call.

Yes, there are some changes that I indicate at the beginning of the Ayuno Lunar book for women who are lactating. Ayuno Lunar is a very healthy diet during such an important stage of life.

The recipes are juicy, made up of a variety of fruits, vegetables, roots, legumes, fish, meat and homemade desserts that are delicious and easy to prepare.

We have a chat for the participants in the VIP groups where you can ask about substitutions, see the recipes others are preparing within the Ayuno Lunar and much more.

Although you would never realize it, Ayuno Lunar is GLUTEN FREE and lactose free without fermentation. Some recipes contain fermented milk in the form of yogurt, Bulgarians, or goat and sheep cheeses.

The recipes you will find in Ayuno Lunar are healthy for the whole family. Everyone at home can eat them, the only difference is that only you have to maintain the ratios and feeding times that I give you in the book. But as recipes anyone at home can eat them to be healthy.

A mistake that women have made is to assume that because men can live low carb, women can too. Now we know that carbohydrates are NOT bad and women need them.

Women can NOT keep our hormones balanced and lose weight without being on a plateau when we eliminate carbohydrates completely. There are certain carbohydrates that women should avoid on specific days of the month, and others that we should consume on other days.

Ayuno Lunar recipes provide a balance in the consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it is not a keto diet nor is it LOW CARB. The Ayuno Lunar is The Ayuno Lunar and has no comparables.

Intermittent fasting promotes everything from skipping one meal a day to fasting for a full 24 hours or even longer. Trials of the benefits of intermittent fasting were conducted on mice and men, but NOT women.

Now, almost a decade after Intermittent Fasting became popular, what we've discovered is that when a woman fasts just like a man, the negative effect on her hormones can take weeks to months to correct.

Although initially a woman may feel fine, the rebound effect occurs at the hormonal level over time and is felt over time. Inflammation may return, weight may plateau, periods may lose their regularity, hair may thin and fall out, metabolism may slow, and the symptoms of estrogen dominance I describe below become apparent.

Sometimes we don't link what is happening to us to our hormones. However, in a woman's body, even the slightest hormonal change can have a physical manifestation that is related to that imbalance.

  • 1. Night sweats and lack of sleep: Hormonal imbalance wakes us up at 2 or 3 am with night sweats caused by hormonal imbalance.
  • 2. Irritability: In addition to noticeable changes in mood, women experiencing estrogen dominance may also be more irritable in general.
  • 3. Decreased sexual desire: Women with estrogen dominance may have a lower libido than normal. This is due in part to the imbalance in estrogen and progesterone.
  • 4. PMS symptoms: Another sign of estrogen dominance is worsening PMS symptoms. Breast tenderness, headaches, acne breakouts, and mood swings may become more pronounced.
  • 5. Irregular Menstrual Periods: Hormonal imbalances in women often disrupt their menstrual cycles. Menstrual periods may occur less or more often. They can also change in duration. This symptom may be difficult to notice for some women who already have irregular cycles.
  • 6. Heavy periods: Women with too much estrogen can have heavy and painful periods. This can happen to both women with regular periods and those who have irregular periods.
  • 7. Bloating: Women experience bloating at different times in their menstrual cycles. In cases of estrogen dominance, you may be bloated at a different time. Irregular and heavy periods can also cause unexpected bloating.
  • 8. Weight gain: Gaining weight when your diet or exercise habits have not changed. This symptom can also present as an increase in the body or carry your weight in different places than before.
  • 9. Anxiety: Women with too much estrogen often experience anxiety and may even have panic attacks. Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms like a fast heartbeat or tightness in the chest.
  • 10. Mood swings: When your mood changes quickly and dramatically for no identifiable reason, it may be due to too much estrogen.