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How to use: Apply a generous amount on humid hair, massage onto scalp left it rest 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse our thoroughly. 

Use ELIXIR HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER as often as needed to keep your hair clean. Apply my ELIXIR HAIR MASK to repair and protect.

For best results combine my hair treatment with my Voluminous Hair tablet formula that repairs and nourishes from the inside out. 

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Have you tried many Shampoos and Conditioners that do nothing to strengthen hair, stop hair loss or help you with hair growth? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and noticing that every day you have less hair?

If you've tried everything with little or no results, no wonder most conditioners are a mix of chemicals, parabens and perfumes that clean but don't nourish. Just like our skin or any other organ in our body, our hair needs specific nutrients from the inside out, but also from the outside in.

Hair begins to grow at the bottom of the hair follicle, where the bulb, made up of protein cells, is nourished by blood from nearby blood vessels. If those blood vessels do not have access to the necessary antioxidants and vitamins, they simply lack what is necessary to survive, the result is hair loss.

ELIXIR HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER were created from medicinal plants rich in antioxidants that provide nutrients to rejuvenate and feed the root of the follicle, helping each hair to be strengthened from within, to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth.

My new formulas ELIXIR HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER are a natural blend of exotic flower and root extracts from herbs and medicinal plants that have been proven to help grow and strengthen hair. ELIXIR HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER are a cleansing and revitalizing treatment that you can use with confidence.

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