Directions: Apply to underarms. Allow it to soften on contact with skin.

ELIXIR deodorants are made from organic ingredients. I have used coconut oil for its antibacterial function and shea butter for its protective and antimicrobial role. Organic corn extract acts as an absorbent and essential oils provide a subtle, light scent suitable for men and women of any age.

Elixir deodorants DO NOT CONTAIN ALUMINUM AND ARE NOT ANTI-PERSPIRANT. They do not block the ducts, yet they fulfill their promise of neutralizing odors without chemicals and without irritating armpits or staining clothes.

My fragrances:

Blue Sage & Pine gives off a soft and forest aroma of balsamic pines and sage. Lemon & Lavender combines hints of floral and lavender softened with the freshness of lemon.

CLEAN FORMULA: No baking soda. NO ALUMINUM. No parabens. No aluminum hydrochloride or zirconium. GMO free. Phthalate free. No triclosan. No synthetic preservatives.

EFFECTIVE WITHOUT STICKINESS. In the office, the gym, during a night out or on a long-distance flight: ELIXIR deodorants will not disappoint you.

SWEAT & ODOR PROTECTION: Clear formula glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky or white residue.

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