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I have created my Elixir facial cream with an emulsion of electrolytes in coconut water, Aloe vera, vitamins, anti-aging coenzymes, peptides, antioxidants and much more.

100% made in the United States with ingredients of natural origin, obtained from renewable sources consciously harvested in Europe and South America.


The power of the D-Phase emulsion creates an extremely stable bio-continuous solution with a very low oil droplet size (less than 1 micron) that allows a penetrating absorption of the active ingredients, in the deepest layers of the DERMIS without the use of artificial transepidermal delivery systems.


My Formulation without preservatives uses banana extract and probiotics along with other raw materials that synergistically maintain the preserved formula.

PROBIOTICS and pH: The epidermis has its own microbiota and pH. Both are unique for such a delicate surface. To restore the skin's microbiota barrier and activate the optimal pH, Elixir has been infused with ancient botanical ferments from the Amazon rainforest in South America, the largest tropical forest in the world.

REPAIRING LIPIDS: Complex of squalene, cupuacu butter and fermented oil to restore skin elasticity and to allow better penetration of active ingredients.

ECTOIN and CO-Q10: Stabilizes proteins and other cell structures and protects the skin from stress such as ultraviolet radiation and dryness and has a natural brightening effect.

STABILIZED VITAMIN C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) has illuminating, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant properties, improves skin penetration provided by ascorbic acid.

VITAMIN B3 NIACINAMIDE: Skin lightening, anti-aging; prevention of skin damage during the day repair of UV-induced DNA damage at night

HYPER MOISTURIZING NON-GREASY EFFECT: Maintains hydration for up to 48 hours with Tremella, Sacharide Isomerate, 4D Hyamagic

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