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How to use: Take 1/2 of a dropper gradually increasing the dose over a period of 2 weeks to reach 2 droppers, consume 2 times a day before meals and / or before bedtime for 15 days.

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Allergies, digestive discomfort, sleeping problems, joint and muscle pain, difficulty losing weight especially in the abdominal area, digestive discomfort, swollen belly, mood swings, always feeling full, headaches, mental fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, hunger and constant cravings even when you have eaten ...

¿Are you identified with any of these symptoms?

This is the picture that many people present when consulting with their health specialist. Sadly, although the symptoms may be directly related to an invasion of harmful microorganisms, these symptoms usually go unnoticed by the vast majority of doctors because they are not properly trained to detect signs of infection caused by harmful organisms.

Moreover, many of the conditions can happen without being diagnosed or misdiagnosed with wrong qualifications. These confused diagnoses make millions of people live hypermedicated by varied symptoms that are attributed to a condition that would not really exist if they were not infected by microorganisms.

¿How do we get infected?

Anyone can get one of these creatures from their pets, from the bodily fluids of an infected person or from water that is apparently clean and potable but is actually contaminated. Another source is insect bites and even inhaling their tiny eggs that float in the air. That makes most of us subjects of infection.

Pork (pork), beef, contaminated vegetables are very common sources of infection especially in people who eat in restaurants. The tiny eggs can go unnoticed across the stomach to the intestines where they can be embedded in the intestinal wall.

Once installed in the intestinal wall of small eggs invisible to the human eye, small larvae are born that grow by depositing their own eggs from where new larvae are born. You had them for example are harmful organisms that can live for decades causing discomfort but going unnoticed.

It had the longest recorded on a human's body was 33 meters (108.27 feet) in length. Tapeworms can live up to 35 years in the body without a human being aware of their existence.

Getting rid of foreign and harmful organisms can have a profound effect on health recovery. My TERMINATOR is formulated with a unique combination of black walnut shell, cloves and wormwood.

But for a deep cleaning I recommend my terminator KIT that in addition to the TERMINATOR liquid formula, the KIT offers botanical exterminators suitable for a combination of microorganisms of different origins and sizes with biliary and digestive support, and the neutralized and antibacterial power of garlic, and oregano.

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