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Silk Face Glow - Instant Skin Tightening And Brightening Effect - Mist Spray For Collagen Stimulation & Fine Lines Reduction. Lightweight Pure Silk Extract Formula - 1.7 Fl Oz (50 Ml) - Elixir By Cocó March

Silk Face Glow - Instant Skin Tightening And Brightening Effect - Mist Spray For Collagen Stimulation & Fine Lines Reduction. Lightweight Pure Silk Extract Formula - 1.7 Fl Oz (50 Ml) - Elixir By Cocó March

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Grade 5.0
Based on 44 reviews.
About this product
  • A Lightweight Facial Refresher Infused With Nourishing Ingredients To Minimize The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Splotchy, Uneven Skin.
  • Perfect To Start Or End Your Day With, As A Midday Refresher, Or Even Before Applying Makeup.
  • Contains Calming Aloe Vera For Soothing Hydration And Increased Elasticity.
  • Natural Facial Mist That Offers An Inviting Scent From Essential Herbal Oils And Is Suitable For Men And Women Of All Ages And Skin Types.

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Silk Face Glow provides a perfect refresher for dull, dehydrated skin. This is instant gratification with no regrets! The rejuvenating mist can be conveniently used anytime anywhere for a pleasant boost of deep hydration that instantly quenches the skin.

Silk Face Glow is formulated with key anti-aging ingredients such as Sericin and aloe vera extracts to deliver radiant, re-energized skin. This cutting-edge blend is designed to trap moisture, absorb quickly, and repair skin cells. The advanced formula truly works to allow your creams and serums to do their jobs more thoroughly, leaving your skin hydrated for longer. The nourishing mist also features an enhanced delivery system that ensures an even and consistent application to offer a weightless and dewy glow. 

While performing extensive research hunting for the most innovative skin repair ingredients, Dr. March initially came across studies (NIH) that determined Sericin’s significant positive effects on wound healing and antioxidant activity. This conclusion evoked an intriguing question for Dr. March…If Sericin’s properties have the power to improve the healing of incision wounds by increasing blood flow and decreasing root degeneration, edema, cellular infiltration, collagen discoloration and necrosis, then what could this suggest for skincare in general? Indeed, its ability to repair skin and other soft tissues sparked a deep dive into the pursuit of the perfect Sericin formula. Consequently, Silk Face Glow was born. What an exquisite development that will most definitely amplify the benefits of a healthy skincare regimen. 

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  • Features anti-aging silkworm cocoon that contains proteins, amino acids, and collagen.
  • Contains calming Aloe Vera for soothing hydration and increases elasticity.
  • Enhances skin clarity and boosts skin balance.
  • A lightweight, moisturizing facial mist that refreshes the skin.
  • Easy and convenient application that instantly revives the skin.
  • Infused with nourishing ingredients to support optimal skin health.
  • Natural facial mist suitable for men and women of all ages. 
  • Highly effective for delicate skin.
  • Inviting scent from essential herbal oils.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of dark spots.
  • Perfect to start or end your day with, as a midday refresher, or even before applying makeup. 

You can have the best of both worlds with Silk Face products by Cocó March. This specialized anti-aging line is devoted to consistently bringing you renewed skin... in a short time... for a long time. 

What makes Silk Face Glow so special?

To answer that, let's start with the ingredients. 

A silk cocoon is a tiny and pouch-shaped protection layer woven by silkworms. About 20-30 percent of a cocoon's weight is made up of sericin, which contains 18 amino acids. The presence of amino acids helps in collagen production which lends to its age-defying properties. Sericin's sticky texture encloses another protein called fibroin. As they fold together, they create the walls of the cocoons. Silk, also known as the "Queen of Fiber”, is a highly prized natural fiber due to its natural shine, soft texture, therapeutic properties, and distinctive qualities. For centuries silk has been known for its luxury and beauty as well as for its softening effects on aging skin.

Silk protein Sericin helps in eliminating dehydration and increases the moisturizing properties of other ingredients. It can also form a protective barrier on top of the skin that protects the skin against damage, locks-in moisture and softens fine lines. The awesome thing is that these extracts are quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin. With excellent compatibility comes powerful regenerative properties. This allows the skin to maintain maximum levels of hydration, while also allowing potent antioxidants and amino acids to repair and regenerate cells. These crucial factors contribute to decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, strengthening skin elasticity, and enhancing skin texture.

Other benefits can include:

  • Silk has calming, therapeutic effects on inflamed skin. 
  • Collagen production and skin cell regeneration are assisted by silk.
  • A level of antibacterial defense is provided to the skin by silk.
  • There is some natural protection from UV rays provided by silk.
  • Silk-integrated formulas protect the skin from environmental stress.

Aloe Vera extract is also found on Silk Face Glow's beautiful ingredient list. The aloe vera plant contains more than 200 active compounds that make it one of the most studied and beloved natural healthcare plants. Besides treating sunburned skin, aloe vera has been used for centuries by different civilizations for a range of skin care, health, and medicinal purposes. 

Reduces dark spots: Whether they're caused by sun exposure, acne, or simply the aging process, dark spots are often hard to erase. There is, however, a compound in aloe vera called aloesin that may fade and/or eliminate these stubborn spots.

Promotes skin hydration: Aloe vera moisturizes in two ways. Aloe vera leaves are high in water, especially in their innermost layer, so they help hydrate and lock in the hydration. Additionally, its sugars, or mucopolysaccharides, also assist the skin in retaining moisture. In fact, when applied topically, Aloe vera increases the moisture content of the outer skin layers, which makes it an ideal ingredient for dry skin.

Anti-aging properties: The aloe plant helps the skin produce hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin fibers, all of which keep it hydrated, supple, and firm. In studies, aloe vera topically reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps restore skin elasticity. 

Promotes clear skin: It can also help with breakouts such as blackheads and whiteheads. Aloe vera also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties making it a useful tool when combating Acne. 

With the most innovative anti-aging ingredients and a highly effective formula, Silk Face Glow replenishes and rejuvenates your skin to keep you looking younger and healthier as time passes. Having a superb product like this in your beauty regimen will only increase the likelihood that your skin will maintain optimal hydration levels, looking radiant and bright.

Silk Face Glow VS. Silk Face Serum

Both have amazing anti-aging capabilities. The two products really work to complement each other. They both help in eliminating dehydration and increasing the healing properties of other ingredients. Silk Face is a luxurious serum that targets hydration and skin brightening, while Silk Face Glow is a powerful bonding mist that captures molecules, trapping hydration, and focuses on skin repair and promoting clear skin. You could say: It's like saying "bricks" vs "a brick house." Bricks are the individual units, and the brick house is a structure built from those bricks.


- Shake before use and apply to clean, dry skin.

- Close your eyes and spritz SILK FACE GLOW® all over the face from about 12 inches away.

- For best results, follow up with SILK FACE® anti-aging serum.

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Grade 5.0
Based on 44 reviews.
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