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HAPPY TUMMY can relieve the occasional digestive discomfort caused by acid, gas and bloating.  Supports and strengthens digestion while helping to protect against harmful toxins. 

HAPPY TUMMY can contribute to the repair of the intestinal wall by providing the necessary elements that can aid in cellular communication. Proper cellular communication supports the regeneration of the mucosa of the stomach and the intestinal epithelium. The epithelium or lining of the gut is responsible  preventing intestinal hyper permeability and other digestive complaints.

How does it work?

Happy Tummy lays the foundation for gut health. It contains extremely concentrated blends of earth derived ingredients known as humic acids. Those humic acids create a potent fulvate. These family of molecules work together to support microsome balance which can organically trigger your body’s natural healing abilities.

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What is Humic acid? 

Humic acid is not actually acidic, but it is a very alkaline substance. The humification process happens when organic matter couples with specific geological circumstances, including pressure and temperature. Humates form in plants and soil over time, gifting us with humic acid filled with nutrients that are essential for all aspects of our heath. Almost always when we are having health problems, there is a nutrient deficiency of some sort. When the nutritional gaps are filled these elements work together to initiate chemical reactions with other enzymes. These reactions are vital to support our immune systems that keeps us healthy.

What can Happy Tummy help with? 

-  Aids in Restoring and Protecting the gut lining against damage caused by toxic chemicals while aiding in absorbing nutrients. 

-  Boosts immune system- Toxins in our everyday life can invade our bodies and weaken our immune system by attacking our gut health. These toxins in our environment can break apart the protective layer that allows our body’s defense mechanism to function properly. When this happens, pathogens find an easy way to infiltrate our bodies. Happy Tummy provides the essential molecules needed to restore the gut lining which allows your immune system to protect you from these pathogens.

-Enhances Mood and Mental Clarity. Your gut and brain are connected physically through millions of nerves. The microbiome directly impacts the immune system, which plays a large role in many mental health issues.

Why do we need it?

The majority of people suffer from gas, indigestion, bloating, and heartburn, due to poor gut health. Inflammation is another factor plaguing the population, taking credit for numerous symptoms, illnesses, and diseases that chronic inflammation takes credit for. It’s no wonder why boosting our gut health should become a priority.  

Is it a supplement? 

Happy Tummy goes far beyond just being a supplement or probiotic. It acts as an immune reinforcement. It not only aids cell-to-cell communication, but it also transports vital nutrients and minerals specifically to cells in need while strengthening and protecting your gut lining. 

Who is it safe for? 

Happy Tummy is s safe for adults, children, and even our pets.

Is it Vegan?

Yes, Happy Tummy is not derived from any animal products. It is vegan, naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, latex-free, sulfite-free, preservative-free and non-GMO. It is soil derived and rich in a variety of trace minerals, humate substances and amino acids. 

Does it require refrigeration?

Happy Tummy is not required to be refrigerated, even after opening, however this product can be refrigerated for taste preference or for long term use. 

How long does it take to work?

Every person can have varying results. Some users of the product say they feel some relief as soon as 20 minutes after taking the first dose.

Don’t we get enough minerals in food we eat?

Ideally, we could receive what we need from our diet. However, due to common methods used in commercial production, farmers use toxic chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides, which depletes the soil of essential nutrients and minerals and negatively influences pH levels. 

Directions: Dilute 15 drops in water and take before each meal. 

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