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Directions: Take 1 or 2 tablespoons one or more times daily, with or without food. It should be started with 1/2 teaspoon of MCT oil per shot.

Generally the digestive system adapts to the digestion of the MCT oil in a few days and little by little the dose can be increased until reaching the necessary daily dose.


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¿Why is MCT oil so popular?

Medium chain fats (MCT) are a type of fat, including lauric acid. It can help to achieve ketosis naturally and quickly. Ketosis is the process by which the body burns fat for energy. *

MCT oil is odorless, tasteless and can be substituted for traditional oils. Adding it to protein shakes, coffee or any other type of drinks.

My MCT OIL oil is vegan, after a lot of research I found a plastic container that DOES NOT GIVE UP TOXIC BPA OR OTHER CHEMICALS.

My experience with MCT oil

The first time I added MCT oil to my coffee I didn't notice anything different. The taste is not noticeable, nor were the immediate results, perhaps because to avoid digestive discomfort you have to start with 1/4 tablespoon and gradually increase the dose until you reach 2 or more tablespoons daily.

After 4 weeks using MCT I went out to train as I do every morning on an empty stomach having only had my coffee with MCT oil.

The day was perfect, some sun, low humidity and a great breeze ... So I started running, first slowly then a little faster, breathing until I found my running pace for my next minutes.

At 3 miles (5 km) I usually slow down and walk for a while but today I didn't feel like stopping, I felt so energetic that I just wanted to run. So I kept running and running until it occurred to me to look at my watch and notice the time, I had to go to work so I returned home.

I am nobody admirable in terms of my physical activity or my super athletic body (because I don't have it). On the contrary, I am a normal woman like you who has had 4 children and well, I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes 30 minutes of daily physical activity and a healthy eating style.

Personally I noticed a change in my energy level by adding the MCT to my life and I will never stop taking it.

All my mornings start with one or two tablespoons MCT oil in my coffee and since I use MCT oil and the rising iodine when I get up my vitality has multiplied so much that I can not stop recommending it to everyone.

How to use:

Start by taking ¼ tablespoon a day and gradually increase the amount until your body adjusts to 1 or 2 tablespoons daily. It can be added to coffee to give body to vegetable milk such as almond milk. You can also mix it in your favorite protein shake.

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