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Dr. Cocó March, N.M.D specialist in natural health and nutrition has created Vita Protein Energia for men, women and children who want to obtain health and well-being. Each spoonful has been activated with our exclusive Pre-Digest Blend so you can enjoy better digestion without the discomfort of flatulence and inflammation of the abdomen.

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DO YOU HAVE TO EAT SUFFICIENT VEGETABLES? Vita Verde gives you the peace of mind of an optimal diet.

Enjoy 50 Vegetables in 1 SINGLE DELICIOUS scoop created by Dr. Cocó March, N.M.D, specialist in natural health and family nutrition. Vita Verde is a superfood for the whole family, which contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from vegetables, fruits, spices, and therapeutic roots.

Vita Verde has been created so that all families enjoy unbeatable vigor.

Health and vitality provide the necessary energy to enjoy quality time with the family. Can you imagine being able to run with your children in the park again or have the vitality of doing household chores and working without feeling decay?

The lack of vitamins, antioxidants and natural nutrients are the main cause of the onset of diseases and physical exhaustion. But although we all recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, rich in raw foods, the reality is that most families do not have time to prepare daily the amount of raw vegetables recommended to stay healthy.

The active nutrients found in fruits and vegetables guarantee the health and energy you've been looking for, stopping diseases before they even start.

Each powerful spoonful of Vita Verde ENERGÍA, has been enriched with probiotics and digestive enzymes specially formulated for individuals with delicate digestive systems. Digestive enzymes are catalysts that break down food so that they can be harnessed in cells, probiotics act as natural anti-inflammatories regulating the evacuations of constipated people and individuals with irritable bowels

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Espresso Flavor Details:

The Espresso flavor formula is created with coffee lovers in mind. It has notes of freshly roasted grain flavor and its color is dark, which will give you the impression of a delicious shake with aromatic accents and fresh coffee flavor while being nourished with the vegetables, enzymes and probiotics that distinguish the formula. Vita Verde.

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