Suggested Usage: Take 2 veggie capsules before a meal.

ELDERBERRY FRUIT PLUS contains the fruit of the Sambucus, or European elderberry plant, the European black elderberry contains unique polyphenolic compounds, called anthocyanins. These powerful antioxidants have been studied and revered for their extensive immune-supporting benefits.

⁃ The elderberry or Elderberry is rich in these and other nutrients.

⁃ It has almost four times more anthocyanins than other common berries.

⁃ Its unique anthocyanins include antioxidant elements such as cyanidin-3-glucoside, cyanidin-3,5-diglycoside, cyanidin-3-sambubioside, and sianidin-3-sambubioside-5-glucoside.

⁃ This supreme plant also supplies important flavonoids like quercetin, delphinidin and catechins.

Research shows that higher anthocyanin consumption may be linked to an already healthy inflammatory response, optimal cardiovascular and cellular health, improved insulin resistance, restored glucose tolerance, and lower body weight. *

This Elderberry has received much scientific attention for its ability to support levels of cytokines, or proteins that act as messengers in your immune system that promote a sufficient and timely response.

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