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My vision of weight loss is based on the idea that our body finds its ideal weight only when our fat-burning organs are clean, and our diet is healthy. 

I am convinced that being overweight is a side effect of a toxic organism. However, a good diet is synonymous with a healthy body that achieves its ideal weight. I have created the SKINNY KIT ULTRA DETOX so that you can achieve your weight goals by implementing a new lifestyle supported by a deep cleansing of all your organs.

You should make sure to follow all the recommendations in my protocol and make a lifestyle change to achieve your health goals permanently.

To help you in your process of balanced eating, I want to give you my digital menu recipe book (available only in Spanish) so that you have ideas on how to make healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. This recipe book will arrive by email once your purchase has been sent.



Skinny Kit Ultra D Instructions

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