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I have created it by combining nutrients that can support the metabolism of glucose in the blood. For the Glucose Support formula I have chosen ingredients from the past used by the gurus of Aztec medicine and Ayurveda.

Directions: Take one capsule 3 times a day with food.

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Gymnema Sylvestre, known as gur-mar, is a healthy plant that has been used throughout India for hundreds of years. My Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract is not any extract. I choose it from narrow growers uniformly standardize its potency to ensure that each and every capsule provides constant activity.

Each capsule provides the highest concentration of active botanical principles, maximizes the synergistic benefits of this ayurvedic leaf, a key component of the ancient Indian system of glucose health and wellness.

Chromeium (ChromeMate®) is a critical micronutrient recognized for its vital role in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism. This more advanced chrome complex has been optimized to help support:

  • Normal Cellular Glucose Absorption
  • Healthy endothelial function
  • Healthy levels of lipids and triglycerides
  • Normal cellular energy production

The Banaba Leaf is naturally extracted using only the best quality Banaba leaves. True Spectrum ™ extract provides active levels of corosolic acid, concentrated in the intended proportion, without isolating, fractionating or using toxic solvents, harsh chemicals or gases.

GlucoFit® (Lagerstroemia speciosa Extract)

Lagerstroemia or Banaba leaf extract has actions to stimulate glucose transport to cells and can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. For some people, fluctuations in blood sugar are related to appetite, hunger and various cravings for carbohydrate foods, such as bread and sweets. Lagerstroemia leaf extract can be a healthy way to maintain a thinner and thinner body by controlling appetite and sugar.

Alpha lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant used in Europe to promote the health of the liver and nerves, and provide protective benefits against oxidative processes. Alpha lipoic acid has been called the "universal" antioxidant because it increases glutathione levels in cells that are already within a normal range and has potent antioxidant actions.

Research has strongly implicated cellular oxidative damage caused by free radicals. What makes alpha lipoic acid as effective as an antioxidant is its ability to turn off free radicals in both aqueous and lipid environments.


Biotin functions as a key regulatory element in gluconeogenesis, the synthesis of fatty acids and in the metabolism of some amino acids. * In addition to its role in energy production, biotin improves the synthesis of certain proteins. * In addition, biotin promotes healthy immune system function and plays a critical role in skin health. *

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