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How to use: Take a Poop Pill with every meal.

POOP PILL has been formulated to help correct digestion and conversion. POOP PILL contains purified bile and key enzymes that can help the conversion that foods must make before they become POOP.

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The effects of constipation go beyond the swelling of the stomach and the discomfort of not being able to go to the bathroom. When the colon retains toxic waste, the body has difficulty absorbing nutrients from food.

Some of the symptoms of constipation go beyond what you might think; fatigue, acne, dark spots on the face, lack of light in the face, unwelcome gas and back pain are all linked to constipation.

For years I had suffered from constipation and let me tell you that it started from my childhood, got worse with adolescence and continued for years in my adulthood. Eating fiber, drinking prune juice, drinking teas...nothing seemed to work permanently.

My situation was so precarious that I often had to use laxatives and even purgatives to go to the bathroom. Not having a bowel movement for 3 or more days was normal for me and that's how I lived for many years because I didn't know what else I could do.

My search for a permanent solution

Tired of not being able to go to the bathroom and frustrated to always feel the swollen abdomen, I decided to thoroughly investigate what had to happen with the food we consumed so that they could navigate the digestive system reaching the end of their trip without delay.

I convinced myself that in order to solve my great problem of constipation I had to stop stimulating the colon with laxatives and start from above, that is, from the beginning of digestion. And that's how POOP PILL was born.

POOP PILL is not a laxative, it is an approach to constipation with a different approach to everything you may have tried so far. Unlike any other POOP PILL product, it is the only formula that works on constipation before it starts.

POOP PILL supports the biliary function, to guarantee, not only the digestion of fats but also the absorption of all the fat-soluble vitamins so necessary for the good function of all internal organs.

Each POOP PILL capsule contains:

  • Betaine Hcl to stabilize the digestive pH and the correct breakdown of food
  • Papaya and pineapple extracts to stimulate pancreatic action
  • Amylase to break down flours
  • Protease to assimilate proteins
  • Lipase to isolate fats
  • Cellulase to digest the fibers

My combination of digestive nutrients is so potent that it makes POOP PILL a healthy remedy for gas problems, constipation, stomach bloating or digestive inflammation in general.

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