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Directions for Use: Take 2 or 3 tablets one or more times daily, with or without food. During the first month while the body regulates the dose can be repeated 2 or 3 times daily until the symptoms disappear.

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Allergies affect the respiratory system of millions of people causing irritability in the eyes, discomfort in the throat, nose and even sinusitis.

I have created my Nose Eye Throat Sinus S.Ø.S formula especially for people who suffer from discomfort during seasonal or chronic changes. Nose Eye Throat Sinus S.Ø.S contains soothing ingredients that reduce discomfort and sensitivities.

A recent study conducted in 2018 showed that quercetin could inhibit allergic reactions (1) In addition to quercetin to create my Nose Eye Throat Sinus S.Ø.S formula I have chosen the best possible nutrient cocktail.

Among other ingredients Nose Eye Throat Sinus S.Ø.S provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes and medicinal plants, delicately chosen for its synergistic function so that your body can do its protective work


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